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Better health begins with balancing your body. Our food, water, and even air are all contaminated with harmful toxins. Over time these harmful substances can and will cause adverse health affects such as cancer or other illnesses.  After a thorough detoxification, your body finally runs the way it is supposed to, and can heal itself efficiently and effectively, not to mention you'll feel great! Our toxins often prevent us from losing those extra few pounds as well!
   Detoxification is the most important step to start your healthy life and get the fit body.With the years of experience and knowledge about unique and modern tecnology, Slim Spa NYC can provide to our clients effectivelly treatments, which can help you to loose weight in easy way.
 But its important to remember ,that proper nutrition and exersize is the key to your success.
 Come to Slim Spa NYC and get a free consultation from our specialists.

  1. By the trying to loose weight and prove some part of my body , i was tortured myself with kind of different pills ,which supposed to help me success the goals i was dream about. Now i can be confidently thankful to Slim Spa NYC ,whose provide me with services i have never hear about before. Slenderpress was the amazing treatment,that helps me a lot.


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  1. There are not enough good things I can say about Slim Spa NYC Detox! Tucked away in the back of Mission Street Yoga, Slim Spa Detox Packages offers the best colonics you can have, ionic foot detox, slenderpress and ear candling. The slenderpress is great, and I even sweat (and usually i NEVER sweat in a sauna).  I really loved it. The place is super clean, and the owner truly seems like a very sweet, good hearted person.  Had the best experience here ! Lovely practice and energy. Looking forward to my next treatment!

    Katherine Werber